the harp

Plug-and-play, light and strong, compatible with all effects processors, recording equipment and PA systems, the Delta harp brings a new dynamic to live performances and is ideal for home and studio use. It puts together centuries of traditional harp craftsmanship and the cutting-edge audio technology for a professional sounding instrument. Every Delta harp is individually handmade and tuned in London.

limitless sound possibilities

The strings of the Delta Harp run over a bridge, offering playing techniques totally new to harps, like tremolo and slides.

new ways of wearing

Play it the way you want it. Innovative use of a stand and a strap allows to play Delta Harp in traditional and many new ways, making it perfect for rehearsals, classes, studios and any stages of any size.

extended bass range

Harps of this size typically only go down to G32, not including those nice bass notes that take up a large amount of space. However, placing the Delta Harp's pins and levers in controversal straight lines allowed a significant size reduction, allowing for the larger lower section of strings (down to C36) to be placed in a small sized wearable harp.

And... it just looks great too.

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